"Columbian verses, [he's] got the dopest lines..." Timi Turnup is a London born, DMV raised, one man motley crew of different influences, styles, and sonic talents with music that has been characterized as possessing the flow, authenticity, and confidence of 90's Hip Hop, the psychedelic insight of modern artists like Chance the Rapper, a unique new-age delivery, and an enthralling gut check style. "Cold Water Flows," Turnup's latest visual, showcases the city of Baltimore while telling the tale of a lover scorned! In it, you can see the lyrical potential of this up and comer. In addition to the music, Turnup creates apparel based around the idea that Originality Matters and offers unique garments through his 1 of 1 Club subscription service. Keep an eye (and more importantly an ear) out for this upstart; tracking his progress reveals a consistent work ethic, a growing business mind, and a focus on delivering unique value of ever-improving quality.

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Not in an arrogant way, more so in a way that has manifested into a factual definition of his persona. Just like the fact that the sky is blue and fishes swim - Timi Turnup in the shit.”

Creative Click DC

The reality is that his newest mixtape titled 'Summer Practice Package,' is a smooth and modern hip hop project that incorporates old school production and flow at the same time.”

HNIC Mixtapes

This is an amazing project from start to finish, from production, to its sonic fluidity.”


You can feel Turnup’s confidence and positivity in his flow and you can tell he’s spitting bars that he truly stands behind.”

Jams Early